GlioCure SAS is a "spin-off" of the University of Angers (FR) and McGill University, Montreal (CA).

Angers University School of Medecine - Photo courtesy of Architects Rocheteau Saillard
McGill University Montreal Downtown Campus - Photo courtesy of McGill University

Founded in September 2016, GlioCure is the result of the connection between Dr. Joël Eyer, Director of Research at Inserm, Dr. Claire Lépinoux-Chambaud, a neuroscience researcher, and Louis-Marie Bachelot, bio-entrepreneur specialized in innovative therapies and rare diseases.

Positioned in the field of diseases affecting glial cells, cells which are essential for the proper functioning of neurons and the brain, GlioCure focuses on identifying, selecting and developing new molecules of interest, particularly for the treatment of brain tumours.

GlioCure has thus initiated the development of GC01, a synthetic peptide, discovered by Dr. Joël Eyer and his team, which has a dual activity: i) anti-tumor activity by inhibiting glioma cell division and migration, and ii) regulation of the differentiation of oligodendrocyte precursors and neural stem cells, an essential mechanism for the renewal of the myelin sheath that protects neurons.